Allow me to welcome you to the web site of the Foreign Languages Department at the Bulgarian National Military University.

This web site is designed with the aim to present our main field of expertise and the activities that we focus on in our work.

Being a PfP Training and Education Centre, our mission is to deliver a high-quality efficient training process that corresponds to the needs of the armed forces within NATO, PfP, EU, MD. We aim at achieving NATO interoperability standards by providing military personnel in regular service and civilian personnel with the conditions necessary to acquire levels of proficiency in the English language needed to perform their functional obligations and to successfully implement their professional skills in a multinational environment.

The Foreign Languages Department offers training in General and Specialized English. We focus on developing active language skills in our trainees thus striving to increase their command of the English language with respect to their professional needs.

Our highly professional instructors are committed to providing the best possible training by focusing on modern teaching methods and methodologies that centre on the trainee’s needs. Thus, we manage to achieve sustainable results and our trainees complete the courses with significant knowledge and improved skills that help them meet the requirements of the STANAG 6001 Test.

The courses in General English are available twice per year and the course in Specialized English once per year.

The Department was recognized as a PfP Education and Training Centre in September 2010.

The annual student throughput is about 270 students.

We believe that you will find the courses we offer professionally organized and conducted and will find your professional needs and expectations met.

Looking forward to welcoming you to the Foreign Languages Department.

Col. Petko Petkov