Level 0

Course Objective:

TThe Intensive English Language Course – Level 0 (Preparatory Level) is designed and developed to meet the needs NATO, PfP, EU and MD countries military and civilian staff will face as part of their participation in international missions, drills, qualification and military courses in an English-speaking environment.

Learning Objectives:

Developing and improving trainees’ productive and receptive skills in the English language.
Upon completion of training, trainees shall be able to:

  • understand common familiar phrases and short sentences about everyday needs;
  • comprehend texts and speech concerning basic needs;
  • read and listen to very simple connected texts in everyday survival and workplace situations;
  • understand both by reading and listening short notes, announcements, highly predictable descriptions of people, places or things, brief explanations of geography, government, and currency systems; short sets of instructions and directions;
  • maintain simple face-to-face communication in typical everyday situations;
  • work with the language by combining and recombining familiar, learned elements of speech;
  • elicit and provide predictable information;
  • express satisfaction, dissatisfaction, and confirmation;
  • convey basic intentions by writing short, simple sentences, joined by common linking words.

Course Prerequisites:

There is no security clearance requirement for course attendance.

Target group:
Civilians, privates, NCO and Commissioned officers from NATO, EU, PfP and MD countries.


Total duration of course 16 weeks (480 hours – 6 hours of instruction per day, 5 days a week).
Not more than 12 trainees in a classroom.