Level I

Course Objective:

The Intensive English Language Course – Level I is designed and developed to meet the needs NATO, PfP, EU and MD countries military and civilian staff will face as part of their participation in international missions, drills, qualification and military courses in an English-speaking environment.

Learning Objectives:

Developing and improving trainees’ productive and receptive skills in the English language.
Upon completion of training, trainees shall be able to:

  • read authentic material on familiar subjects;
  • understand specific and factual texts which include information about description of persons, places, and events;
  • understand conversations on everyday social and routine job-related topics;
  • show ability to follow essential points of discussion or speech on topics in their special professional field;
  • comprehend the general meaning of spoken language from the media;
  • narrate current, past, and future activities and events;
  • state facts;
  • compare and contrast;
  • elaborate on common daily communicative situations;
  • summarize, elicit specific information and systematize it;
  • locate and understand the main ideas and details in written materials;
  • write personal and routine workplace correspondence.

Course Prerequisites:

ALCPT scores of at least 40.
There is no security clearance requirement for course attendance.

Target group:
Civilians, privates, NCO and Commissioned officers from NATO, EU, PfP and MD countries.


Total duration of course 16 weeks (480 hours – 6 hours of instruction per day, 5 days a week).
Not more than 12 trainees in a classroom.