Level III

Course Objective:
The Intensive English Language Course – Level III is designed and developed to meet the needs NATO, PfP, EU and MD countries military and civilian staff will face as part of their participation in international missions, drills, qualification and military courses in an English-speaking environment.


Learning Objectives:
Developing and improving trainees’ productive and receptive skills in the English language.
Upon completion of the course trainees should be able to:

  • make conclusions and inferences, follow argumentation;
  • identify speaker’s attitude; humor, irony or other emotional nuances;
  • understand formal and informal utterances on familiar and unfamiliar professional and or abstract topics;
  • recognize different styles, understand most common idioms;
  • extract the global meaning of a read text, make inferences and conclusions;
  • read authentic texts on general, abstract and professional topics;
  • explain cause and effect, give arguments, evidence and examples;
  • analyze, hypothesize and persuade in a specific or abstract context;
  • demonstrate functional writing skills;
  • write well supported texts and documents on professional, social, abstract or everyday topics.

Course Prerequisites:

STANAG 6001 Test 2 2 2 2 / ALCPT scores of at least 80.
There is no security clearance requirement for course attendance.


Target group:

Civilians, privates, NCO and Commissioned officers from NATO, EU, PfP and MD countries.


Total duration of course 16 weeks (480 hours – 6 hours of instruction per day, 5 days a week).
Not more than 12 trainees in a classroom.