Level II / (GERC I)

Course Objective:

The General English Refresher Course – Level II is designed and developed to meet the needs NATO, PfP, EU and MD countries military and civilian staff will face as part of their participation in international missions, drills, qualification and military courses in an English-speaking environment.

Learning Objectives:

GERC II aims to maintain and enhance the language ability obtained during the Intensive General English Course – Level II. The principal goal of this specific course is, in general, to upgrade previously acquired knowledge of English language and communication skills. Throughout the course the participants are going to be fostered to enhance their reading, speaking, listening and writing skills. Besides, they will have the opportunity to solidify their expertise on grammar and vocabulary by being exposed to contents related to functional, public activities in reference to individuals’ quotidian lives.


Course Prerequisites:
STANAG 6001 Test minimum 1111 / ALCPT scores of at least 65.
There is no security clearance requirement for course attendance.


Target group:
Civilians, privates, NCO and Commissioned officers from NATO, EU, PfP and MD countries.


Total duration of course 4 weeks (120 hours – 6 hours of instruction per day, 5 days a week).

Not more than 12 trainees in a classroom.