The Foreign Languages Department (FLD), selected to be a NATO English Training Centre within the PfP initiative, organizes standardized English language training that is based on the American Language Course, developed by the Defence Language Institute at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas. The training also fully meets the requirements and the recommendations of the Bureau for International Language Coordination at NATO.
The Department has been recognized as a PfP Education and Training Centre in September 2010.

The General English Language Training at FLD is divided into 4 language levels.
Trainees’ proficiency level in the English language is determined by the use of the ALCP Test format that assists the training body of the Department in setting up homogeneous groups of trainees that share equal knowledge of the language and face similar challenges in acquiring and/ or improving their skills in the language.

At the end of their training, trainees in Level II and above are able to meet the requirements of the STANAG 6001 Proficiency Test.

The courses are centered on trainee-directed strategy instruction. They apply functional skill-building approach and take into consideration group readiness.

The course syllabus is covered during seminars (6 hours a day, 5 days per week) in classrooms, language laboratories and resource centres. Additional individual and/or group consultations are offered twice a week.

The Specialized English Training at FLD includes training of staff officers and focuses on improving their language skills and pays attention to officers’ professional needs. Therefore, trainees need to have sufficient knowledge of English prior to taking the course.